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Labiaplasty is one of the surgical technologies for vaginal rejuvenation. The vagina can be redesigned and sagging labia can be corrected. Labiaplasty is the technique to reduce the size of the labia i.e. the skin flaps on the vaginal opening. Labia like the other parts of the body also wrinkles and droops with age. Labiaplasty is profoundly practiced for congenital abnormalities though the fact shows women undergo labiaplasty purely for cosmetic reasons.

It is quite natural for women to have folded skins on the vagina that may not cause any problem. Labiaplasty is generally done when someone wishes to change the appearance of their vaginal lips in a certain way.

Labiaplasty can be clubbed with other vaginal rejuvenation surgeries.

Re-virginity or Hymenoplasty:

This surgery is very controversial in nature due to religious sentiments of people that revolve around the virginity of a woman. In this procedure, the hymen, a thin tissue that covers the external vaginal opening can be tactfully created or reconstructed.

Clitoral Hood Reduction or Clitoropexy:

To reduce the projection of the clitoral hood is usually combined with labiaplasty.Longer clitoris may peep out of tight clothes causing embarrassment in public.

Vaginal tightening:

In cases of lax vaginal lumen due to repeated child birth, this procedure helps to tighten the vaginal lumen and perineal muscles.


You need to be very open about your genital concerns when consulting your doctor. The doctor would examine you and accordingly suggest if a surgical intervention is really required or if non surgical methods can work the trick. Dr. Ree Age would rationale the risks and benefits of the surgery and suggests the most viable treatment option.

Eligible Candidates

It is very natural for the shape of the vaginal lips to vary widely. Surgery may be suggested in some cases mentioned below:

If the contour of the labia is affecting you psychologically
Long labia and over sized inner lips causing discomfort while exercising or having sex
Females having pain, rashes, blisters or soreness in the labia
Labia damaged after delivering a child
Any sort of infection or allergy
Affected by cancer

Labiaplasty is strictly not recommended for girls under 18 years unless majorly affected by some disease or infection. Reason being that the labia continues to grow till early adulthood and may eventually form symmetry. Surgery at early age does not help solve the purpose as the tissue would continue to grow and may ultimately require another surgery.


Labiaplasty may involve about an hour or two. It can be done under local anaesthesia with sedation. If need be, general anaesthesia may also be given.

The unwanted skin and tissue on the opening of the vaginal lips are removed with either laser or scalpel. The surgery may reduce or simply clean off the labia minoria as the need be. The protruding skins on both labia are worked to build symmetry and the remaining is closed with sutures. Usually absorbable sutures are used for this surgery.

Post Surgery

Intake of medicines and antibiotics as prescribed by the physician
Lubricants to be applied to the surgical site for three to four weeks
Refrain from sexual intercourse for about four weeks


The possible risks of the surgery would be scarring, loss of sensation usually temporary, bleeding.


There are no proven records or research associated with labiaplasty. The surgery may or may not deliver the desired results. But, the growing no. of females opting for vaginal rejuvenation and satisfied with labiaplasty results turns the table around.

The result of the surgery would be sealed vaginal lips with no sneak peek from inside while maintaining the natural contour and sensation of the genitals.