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Thigh Lift reshapes the thighs by reducing the excess fat and lax skin, resulting in smoother and well contoured thighs and lower body. This gives a body which is well proportioned. If fitness and weight loss regimes have not achieved your goals of a firmer proportionate body then think of getting a thigh liposuction or a thigh lift.

In general, candidates for thigh lift are

Patients with relatively stable weight
Excess fat along the inner and medial thigh region and/or outer thigh
Good general health
Non smokers
Individuals with realistic goals and positive outlook.
Individuals committed to leading a healthy lifestyle

During your consultation Dr. will evaluate your general health status, examine your body including measurements, take photographs, discuss the options possible and likely outcomes and risks.

Preoperative Preparation

Blood tests and anesthetic check up
Stop smoking(if you are a smoker)
Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications and blood thinners

Surgical Procedure

Thigh lift is generally done under general anesthesia. Initially a liposuction of the excess fat will be done with saline infiltration. If there is not much lax skin and elasticity of skin is good, a liposuction alone would suffice.

However in patients with significant weight loss and excess skin ,incisions need to be placed along the groin. The excess skin and fat is excised, redraped and thighs tightened. You may qualify for a minimal incision along the inner groin or may require an incision extending from groin around the hip for outer thigh contouring.

In patients with massive weight loss, an additional longitudinal incision all along the inner thigh would only address the lax hanging skin.

Sutures are placed along the incision sites which needs to be removed after 8 days. You may also have small tubes coming out of the surgical site called drains to remove excess fluid and blood.

Post-Op Care

Dressings or bandages will be applied to the incision sites. Your thighs will be wrapped in compression garment. This needs to be worn for 6 weeks to minimize the swelling and contour the thigh. You will be given instructions on how to take care of the surgical site and drains, medications to take for pain and wound healing . You can take shower from the 4th postoperative day and change the adhesive dressings. You will be asked to review with Dr Ree Age after surgery for suture removal and wound care.

The results of surgery are immediate, however edema and swelling of thighs can take few weeks to subside to get the desired effect.

Complications of Thigh Lift

Bruising and swelling( subsides in 2 weeks)
Wound infection and poor wound healing
Seroma( fluid accumulation) which resolves spontaneously or needs aspiration
Skin discoloration sometimes
Temporary numbness of the thigh
Possibility of revisional surgery