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Mobilize the excess fat by disintegrating them within the body by providing heat and dissolve technique with new generation equipment at ReeAge centres.

This technique breaks down the fat and helps the body to get rid of weight the natural way.

Non - invasive sub dermal therapy helps mobilize and eliminate fatty deposits, improving fat disintegration.

The infrared rays produced penetrate through the Subcutaneous tissue, raise surface body temperature helping the hypothalamus stimulate the sweat glands in the skin to produce sweat and dilates the blood vessels to increase heat loss through Vasodilatation and improve circulation helping body to get rid of metabolic wastes of toxins and reduce fats.


Whole Body


Tissue mobilization
Fat disintegration
Any spot reduction


Loss of weight
Reduction of girth
Fat and Cellulite reduction
Eliminates muscular cramps
Improves general health
Relief in case of rheumatic disease
Relieves pain and inflammation