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Tummy Reduction Surgery Bangalore

Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck is a common procedure done to improve the shape of your abdominal area by removing excess fat and loose skin along with surgical tightening of your abdominal musculature. This yields a youthful contour to the abdomen. It is usually done for correction of abdominal laxity after pregnancy or significant weight loss.

Pregnancy or significant weight loss following diet or a bariatric surgery results in abdominal muscles to protrude and stretch with internal split and damage to muscles. Along with this there is also loose skin with stretch marks with accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous layer which drapes the abdomen like an apron.Diet and exercise can reduce the fat collections but the loose skin and stretched muscles need surgical correction. Abdominoplasty is the only procedure which can address all these three issues. A youthful umbilicus or belly button can also be created.

Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck needs a longer healing time and more visible incisions, the results that it yields are phenomenol. This procedure may need a couple of weeks off work and it takes 4-6 weeks before you can resume full extent of physical exertion. A compression garment is given during these 6 weeks which helps to contour the abdomen.

There are different types of Abdominoplasties and incision varies with individual body types. A Mini abdominoplasty is suited for patients with lower abdominal muscle laxity alone with relatively tight skin and a navel which doesn’t need a repositioning. An extended version of this is where an ellipse of loose skin with fat is removed from the lower part. The final scar is hidden in the pantyline. The navel is left alone.

Patients with muscle stretch of upper and lower abdomen, excessive laxity of skin and fat need a full abdominoplasty. In this tummy tuck procedure the muscles are tightenend with a non-absorbable suture by your Plastic surgeon, and the excessive skin and fat is excised in the lower abdomen. This removes the stretch marks in the lower abdomen to some extent. The abdominal skin is then pulled down snugly to the lower abdomen with the umbilicus being positioned through a tiny incision in its new location. The final scar is hidden along the panty line.

Combining Liposuction with abdominoplasty also called as Lipoabdominoplasty is now accepted as a safe procedure in the plastic surgery fraternity. It yields the best results in terms of contouring your abdomen as it combines both the procedures in one sitting.