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Ultrasound Lipolysis

Ultrasound is proved to be one of the effective non-invasive spot fat reduction therapy for a smaller body circumference and a more defined body contour. It is a very precise technology that has been used to dissolve stubborn fat and prevent ageing. Ultrasound is non-invasive and painless with no anesthesia, no discomfort and presents a risk-free alternative to liposuction. There is no scarring from the use of ultrasound and no recovery/downtime after treatment.


Spot reduction of areas like Abdomen, Thighs, Hips, Arms etc
Circumferential reduction of thighs
General reduction of waist, abdomen and buttocks
Cellulite reduction
Body contouring and Shaping
Deep Fat blasting
Tightening, rejuvenation, improvement in elasticity and tone of skin.


Arms I Male breasts I Abdomen
Flanks I Buttocks
Inner thighs I Thighs ("saddle bags")


Very easy maintenance post reduction
Re-ignites natural fat burning process
Melted fat is turned into energy source
Absolutely non-surgical treatment