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Very few events in life bring us as much joy as having children and raising them. This joy comes with its share of sacrifices you have to make as a parent. These hardships may come in the form of sleepless nights, toddler feeding, running for their school admissions and financial investments for their future.

Pregnancy and lactation can take a toll on a womans’s body during the 9 months and beyond. The body undergoes a multitude of changes during pregnancy. The average weight gain during pregnancy should be about 10-12kgs. Majority of this weight can be safely lost during the first year after deliver of baby with a healthy diet and exercise. So please do try to lose your weight and gain the tone of the abdominal muscles. Breast feeding can also assist in weight loss by burning calories stored during pregnancy.

Mommy Makeover Surgery In India

But about the changes that does not respond to weight loss and are irreversible. What about the excess skin and fat on the abdomen or the stretch marks? What about the sagging breasts? What about the excess fat deposits on your thighs and arms?This is where the mommy makeover helps you in regaining back your body.

A mommy-makeover is nothing but a combination of procedures that restores a woman’s body to its pre-pregnancy state. The goal of this is to bring the stretched tissue back to form. These surgeries can be done in a single operation or a staged procedure depending on your general health and complexity of the operation.

For many of them this may be just an abdominoplasty to address the lax abdominal wall skin. This is the most common procedure done for a makeover. It leaves a scar along the panty line well-hidden. Often, many of the stretch marks can be removed with this procedure. The diastasis of recti muscle is repaired improving the tone of the abdomen.

The next area to be addressed for many women are the sagging deflated breasts. Breast lift or a Mastopexy can be done during the same operative procedure as abdominoplasty. Breast implants can also be placed to give volume and youthful looking breasts. To give a natural augmentation to breasts we can also harvest the extra fat from abdomen and inject in the breasts.

The other areas of concern during a mommy-makeover are unwanted fullness of thighs and arms. These areas can be contoured with liposuction , liposculpture or a surgical lift.

The joy of pregnancy and motherhood is something which every woman cherishes her lifetime. As a female plastic surgeon and a mother myself, I understand the changes you see in your body during this. A consultation and examination is your first step to “Mommy makeover”. We will listen to your concerns and discuss the options which will help achieve your desired results.