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Dimple Creation Surgery in Bangalore

Dimples occur in cheeks or chin and are caused by a defect in the muscle (usually the buccinator muscle) allowing the overlying skin to indent when the muscle contracts. Natural dimples are usually vertical and appear on both cheeks.

If you wish to have dimples when you smile, they can be created with a minor surgery and often stay there for life.The size and site of the dimple can be discussed with Dr. Ree Age during consultation who would brief you on the final output upon evaluation.


Dimple creation surgery can be done on everyone though too chubby or too skinny cheeks may not produce the desired results. You may decide your looked for dimple location or consult Dr. Ree Age for where they would look best.


It is an outpatient procedure of approximately 20 minutes for each cheek. It requires local anaesthesia and the patient is comfortable enough to leave immediately after surgery.

Cheek dimples procedure places a punch biopsy instrument against the inner cheek. Cheek muscle, mucosal fats till the inner layer of the outside skin is removed making circular motions. This creates a shallow defect without affecting the skin. The dent is usually cylindrical and is covered with a dis-solvable suture. In case of cheek dimples, the suture is placed to stick the inner skin of the muscle on one side and the dermis layer on the other side. The surgical knot results in dimples even when not smiling for a week but will eventually fade away. The dimples would occur only when you smile causing the muscle contraction to connect to the skin. There will be no incision or scar on the outer skin.

Pre-surgery procedure

Smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped at least 2 weeks prior to surgery.
Avoid usage of blood thinning medicines such as aspirin etc., 2 weeks before and after surgery.
There should be a gap of minimum 6 hours between surgery and the time you eat or drink.
Please do not use any cosmetics and make up on the face or eye on the day of surgery.


Normal daily activities can continue straight after the surgery though the total recovery would take approximately 7-10 days. After about 2 weeks, the result would show with dimple cheeks or cleft chin appearing when you smile.

You may experience little swelling but that would not last too long. Do follow the course of your antibiotics and oral hygiene care through mouth rinsing with a recommended antiseptic solution as recommended by the doctor. Keep away from activities that can cause facial strains. Smoking needs to be avoided for the next two weeks post surgery.


Dimple creation surgery is simple with very less risks involved. However, one may experience the below complications:

Swelling or Bruising
Unwanted dimples or facial dents appear even without facial animation
A relatively new technique, hence the long term effects are quite unknown
Irritating sensation in the mouth
Visit the doctor immediately in case of any unusual sensation or discharge.


The result is dimple cheeks or cleft chin as you always wanted through a very comfortable surgical procedure. Dimples created are usually permanent but can become shallow or wane off completely for some. The surgery in that case can be repeated.