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Radio frequency converts the skin cells into energy source thereby fastening, rejuvenating the skin and reducing the fat pockets in the body. RF Machines pass heat to the body that helps in carrying out the treatment effectively.

The high frequency electrical currents are transmitted to all skin layers via electrode configuration. The skin layers through which the currents travel act as resistors in series, the fat layer having significantly higher electrical resistance than the other layers (Roughly 2000 ohm – cm for fat vs 600 ohm – cm for skin). Therefore, when the current passes through the skin layers, the areas with greater electrical resistance (fat cells) are heated much more than the surrounding tissue. The purpose is to increase the heat of the treatment area up to 40-41 degrees Celsius (normal body heat is 36-37 degree Celsius). When the skin is heated to this point, the temperature under the skin becomes equal to 50-55 degrees. This heat does not cause any damage to the body. So, by selectively heating the fat cells, it increases its metabolism and forces them to release their liquid fat, thereby shrinking in size and achieving the desired aesthetic results.


Under Eye
Hips for Toning and Tightening of Skin
Stretch Marks


Circumference Reduction (Inch Loss) Cellulite Reduction
Improve Skin - Metabolism
Shrink skin pores
Eliminate deep and light wrinkles
Body Contouring
Skin tightening
Skin degerming
Improve skin elasticity and skin shine
Inflammation – diminishing