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If you are not happy with the size, shape and symmetry of your breast, you may wish to consider the procedure for breast implants. Augmentation mammoplasty is a procedure performed to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts by surgically placing an implant behind each breast to increase its volume and enhance its shape. You may want to restore your breasts shape and size due to changes that occur after weight loss, pregnancy or aging. Breast Implants are also used to correct asymmetries due to developmental anomalies or after breast cancer surgery. The effect of breast implants or augmentation is not only an improved physical appearance but also an enhanced self esteem.


During the consultation, Dr .Ree Age will examine your breasts and consider factors such as size, shape, symmetry, position of nipples and areolar size for perfect breast enhancement. You will be asked about your desired breast size and things related to the appearance of breasts. This will help breast implant surgeon to understand your expectations and determine if the breast implant expectation can be realistically achieved. You will be elaborated on the surgical procedure, recovery time and post operative care. You will be requested to undergo few blood tests before the breast implant surgery. A baseline mammogram will be advised for patients older than 35 years of age.


The method of inserting and positioning of implants will depend on the anatomy, scar site preferences and amount of soft tissue envelope of breast. Implants can be placed on top or underneath the muscles. Incision is made either along the crease where breast tissue meets the chest wall or around the areola. Every effort will be made to assure that the resulting scar is inconspicuous. After making an adequate pocket in the breast tissue, an FDA approved cohesive silicone gel implant is placed under the breast tissue. Compression dressings with pads are applied after the procedure. You will be discharged the same day or a day later after the breast enhancement surgery.

Post Surgery

During the postoperative visit, the dressings are removed and a snugly fitting compressive bra will be given. A small degree of pain, bruising and swelling is expected following an augmentation mammaplasty.

The other rare complications of breast augmentation include: Implant rupture, need for second surgery, infection, capsular contracture, implant malposition, potential for decreased nipple areola sensation.