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CO2 Laser for Hair Reduction by ReeAge Clinic, Bangalore

CO2 Laser for Hair Reduction by ReeAge Clinic, Bangalore

C02 laser resurfacing causes permanent improvement (and also permanent side effect if done poorly) that is long-lasting treatment that will set back the aging clock. Be certain that your doctor has extensive experience treating 100’s of patients and knows how to deal with any and all complications. A dermatologist or plastic surgeon is best qualified to perform this procedure. Be certain to check out your doctor’s credentials and experience. Look at lots of before and after procedures of patients he/she has personally treated. You usually only get one shot at getting this right!

Dr. Richard (MD, FACS) says, “CO2 Laser resurfacing involves vaporization of the upper layers of skin, creating a precisely-thin wound that induces new collagen and elastic fibers that tighten and contract as they heal. That’s how the low spots (wrinkles or lines) are pulled tighter, and the high spots vaporized flatter. Deeper intact skin structures such as hair follicles and sweat glands provide the epithelial cells that grow and produce the new rejuvenated skin surface. Collagen and elastic fibers continue to be produced for about 4 months as the surface of the skin matures and returns to normal thickness and sebaceous softness, so any rejuvenation created by this healing process and collagen/elastin formation lasts as long as the new collagen and elastic fibers are present. Long term–NOT just a year.

The reason you have developed lines and wrinkles in the first place is a natural aging process whereby most individuals lose about 1% of their skin elasticity and collagen content each year over age 40. That continues even after “new” fibers are formed from the laser (or chemical peel, or dermabrasion) process.

So, you will continue to age, and you will indeed develop “new” wrinkles, but the old ones removed by the laser treatment are really gone. I’m not sure where you “heard” that CO2 laser treatments last only a year, but that statement is categorically incorrect. It’s just that the laser doesn’t have the ability to “stop time!”

Be careful about over-aggressive treatment, particularly in the lip areas; this is one area of the face that scars a bit more easily than other areas, and even without scarring, CO2 laser resurfacing can cause permanent hypopigmentation. What is being done for the rest of your face? You don’t want to have a visible line of demarcation between the “done” areas and the “undone” ones! Click on the web reference link below for more information. Best wishes! “

Ree Age has eminent cosmo-dermatologists who will take care of handling this procedure with utmost good care and we assure you the desired results with safest mode.