Skin Care Tips

Live More, Age Later! Follow the below tips for healthy Skin.

Different seasons need different skin care, In summers you need to drink lots of water so that you can keep your skin hydrated and it will also help to remove all the toxins from your body. Consume at least 8-9 glasses of water in a day. Keep your skin moisturized and clean. Make use of herbal cleansers to wash away impurities from the skin. Avoid the usage of Alcohol based Toner on your skin. Make use of Glycerine and Rosewater to keep skin moisturized and toned.


The onset of rainy season brings lots of relief from harsh weather of summers. Along with this humid weather come lots of problems like prickly heat boils, rashes, acne, pimples, stomach disorders, etc. This season tends to infect air, food, water, atmosphere which is the basic necessities. Oily skin people need to take extra care of their skin. The excess oil on the skin cause bacteria’s which cause acne, pimples on the skin. Wash your face thrice a day so that you could wash away all the excess oil from your face. Do not wash your face more than thrice a day as more washing can lead to skin dryness or skin acne. Try to use your face with lukewarm water instead of cold water as it will wash the oil from face and will keep it soft. Make use of mild facial scrub twice a week so that it could unclog the skin pores, remove the dead cell from the skin and exfoliate the skin well.

Cosmetic selection: Less is more- That’s what you have to practice. Ask yourself which products you can do without and avoid them. Next thing is to keep it simple- Avoid products that have the long list of ingredients. Avoid Heavy fragrances- they usually contain dozens of chemicals. Don’t get fooled by titles like natural or Organic, read your way through before you buy anything. The best way is to get crafty and try a home remedy often.

Winter needs special care as to avoiding harmful chemical based creams which we fall for easily in winter when our skin tends to become more dry, dull and itchy very quickly. It’s a season to try home remedies. You can Try Papaya Face Pack or Milk And Almond Face Pack. Apply Glycerine or Petroleum Jelly to body and face. Olive Oil And Coconut Oil are easily available for you. Apart from these, bathe in warm water and do not lick your lips.

Skin care is not just limited to women but men too should take care of their skins. Most men would simply apply any skin cream and use harsh razors. Are you using the same bar on the face which you use on the body? If that is true then guys, it is high time to change it. Use a mild foaming face wash for a gel based face wash if your skin is oily and acne prone. If you have dry skin then using a nourishing creamy cleanser should be your choice. Wash your face twice a day. Most men may think that the sunscreens are only for women but no sunscreen is equally crucial for men as well. It will protect and prevent the sun damage which causes premature aging. Use a new blade and make sure that you shave in one direction, which won’t irritate the facial skin. Always apply a toner after the shave and avoid using scented products or aftershave lotions.

Make it your ritual. Make it your routine!

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