Skin Care Tips for Winter – Get glowing this Winter!

Winter has officially arrived. This means dry & low temperatures, steaming hot showers, harsh winds – all things that unfortunately don’t lend themselves to a soft, radiant complexion. Tightness, dryness, flaking, chapping, itchiness – we’ve all been there and, like you, and we think if a glow in the winter is even possible? Regular skin care regimen would hardly help in such times. Your skin needs more pampering to keep it healthy and glowing.


Most primary skincare- Cleanse your face with lukewarm water. Then moisturize it immediately with a good choice of cream.  A thicker moisturizer is a wise decision.  Next is to protect that face from external sun and dirt and remain humid as long as you can. If you already have a dry skin, avoid using soap. Drink a lot to keep you hydrated.

What shouldn’t you do? Do not over exfoliate. For example, If you’re shaving, you’re exfoliating your skin. You’re taking off the layer of dead skin cells that protect your skin. The dead skin has a purpose: It holds in moisture. So guys, don’t style often in winter and gals, don’t shave your legs often. Hairily is better than scaly.

Winter needs special care as to avoiding harmful chemical based creams which we fall for easily in winter when our skin tends to become more dry and dull. It’s a season to try home remedies. You can Try Papaya Face Pack or Milk And Almond Face Pack. Apply Glycerine or Petroleum Jelly to body and face. Olive Oil And Coconut Oil are easily available for you. Apart from these, bathe in warm water and do not lick your lips

Make it your season, Enjoy this New Year with a glow!

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