Remedies for Skin Pigmentation

Is your skin having an uneven tone or light and dark patches?

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Some major obvious culprits of skin Pigmentation are Non Healthy food intake which stores toxins inside you and aren’t flushed out easily, Stress, menopause etc.  As this culprit works from inside, the one that affect you from outside are Exposure to harsh Sun for long. However, Skin Pigmentation is not a life threatening skin condition and the following home remedies will help you sort it out with sure results. Pigmentation affects people of all races and ages and flaw in the production of melanin from or skin cells causes it, says a cosmetic dermatologist.

One of the best ways to avoid pigmentation is to apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30+, which will block both UVA and UVB light. The sunscreen needs to be applied every three to four hours if you’re outdoors. If creams do not work, chemical peels, microdermabrasion or fractional lasers are further treatment options which we have here at ReeAge.

Home remedies Include : Peel an avocado, mash it up and apply the juice on pigmented skin, Massage cocoa butter on affected skin twice a day for about two to three weeks, Mix a few drops of lime juice with honey and leave it on for 10 minutes, Applying the juice of raw potatoes is another simple remedy to treat pigmentation. Similarly, Mashed Papaya pack, Almond and milk, Orange Peel, Aloe vera, Tomato, Turmeric, Apple Vinegar, Castor Oil also work efficiently.  Why all these work perfectly for your skin? Because they contain, enzymes and bleaching agents and skin lightening pigments that improve the uneven tone on your skin.

So avoiding stress, Harsh Sun, Chemical containing Skin care products and maintain a proper diet is the Key to reduce Pigmentation. Also, keeping yourself very much hydrated is the second necessary thing as pigmentation can happen easily on dried skin. Skin cleansing at least twice a day using oil is essential. Exfoliate at least thrice a week. Natural exfoliators like walnut or oatmeal or lemon juice are the best. Apply the exfoliator on affected areas in circular motions, as it helps unclog pores, prevents breakouts and reduces blemishes and pigmentation.

Even the Ayurvedic remedies have a similar Concept. It tries to Balance your dosha by making small modifications in your intake with plenty of water, fruits, legumes, garlic and onion. The above so called home remedies are in fact very much hand in hand with the Ayurvedic treatments.

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