Make dental care fun for kids

Every single child should receive permanent dental care even if there are apparently no reasons for it!

Dental care for children and youth does not only involve treatment but is primarily focused on the prevention of dental problems that may arise at each developmental stage of a young individual’s (chewing) organ.

Regular dental appointments should begin at a relatively early stage. It’s important to start taking care when your baby is under the age of one since this is the moment when the first teeth begin to grow. We discuss common issues such as pacifiers, thumb sucking, diet counselling, injury prevention, use of toothpaste and proper care of gums and teeth.

Apart from assessing the correct growth of the face and oral cavity, early determination of tooth decay, and proper instruction around dental health care habits are introduced.

We will be happy to take the time to educate you about dental health care, plus healthy habits and routines for children. With proper dentist-child relationship we help kids to cope with dental care.

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