You are not alone. One in five people with tattoos are now opting to remove it. Lasers are the only effective method as it doesn’t cause any permanent skin damage.

Tattoos are created by using a needle to deposit a pigment in the dermis of the skin. They are removed using medical lasers leaving little or no scars. Have you noticed how hot your head becomes when you wear a black hat in sun? The ink in the tattoo is like the hat, it absorbs the light energy and is disturbed. Laser beams produce beams of intense light which can be precisely focused to pass through the skin tissue without damaging it.

The laser targets the ink pigment causing it to shatter and fade and ultimately disappear. Ever Had a rubber band snap your skin? That’s what it feels like. Not pleasant, but tolerable.

One needs multiple sessions to fade it gradually and allowing your skin to heal itself at intervals. All types of colors are removable, some easy, some not so easy, but yes all is possible.

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