Hairdo and Hair Straightening

Basics: Hair is mainly comprised of the protein keratin. Keratin forms a long helical chain like a very thin strand of rope. Groups of these strands form filaments and groups of filaments form the bulk of the hair strand’s inner layer. Hair straighteners change how strands of keratin stick together.

There is permanent straightening (relaxers), demi-permanent straightening (keratin treatments), and temporary straightening (blow drying and/or smoothing/flat-irons.)Depending on what you opt for, it has its own pros and cons with regards to hairdo also.

With relaxers, Hair is permanently straight but the new growth will still be as before. You can have different styling options and many hairdos are possible as Hair is shinier due to a smoother cuticle. However, you are breaking down the bonds of the hair, thus altering the integrity of the hair. Excess relaxing or overlapping the relaxer can cause damage and drying to the hair and scalp. It gives you less volume but yet a look as if you just stepped out of salon.

Keratin treatment allows you to wear both curly and straight styles as hair remain smooth and frizz free. You can also have extremely light highlights, and the keratin treatment will actually repair the hair. The treatment will typically only last up to 3 months. The keratin treatment will strengthen the hair, make it more shiny, and if applied over color it will make the color last longer.

Blow dry temporarily smooth’s the hair until the next time you shampoo. This gives you options on how to accomplish different styles. Blow-drying thermal tools can dry out the hair making it dull and weak. It will take more of your time to get ready in the morning. We also recommend to use the lowest temperature in the setting; this is typically 120 degrees C. Apply some heat protection serum to the hair; it will minimize any damage from the heat of the straightener. Do not straighten wet hair.

We offer more insight in these options and very classic and contemporary styles to suit your face and age irrespective of hair straightening.

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