“Glow with pride”

What makes Meso therapy so fantastic?

It’s all about boosting skin hydration. Now a fashion amongst celebrities – It delivers a shot of instant glow and boosts the complexion to reveal radiant skin. A powerful treatment, MESO-GLOW is the ultimate solution for intense hydration and stimulation of skin collagen.

Hyaluronic acid is a major component of human skin and is largely responsible for maintaining hydration of the skin. As we age, the levels of hyaluronic acid reduce and becomes one of the major culprits in the visual appearance of aging skin. Similarly, levels of antioxidant vitamins and minerals of the skin diminish which furthers skin ageing. The Meso Glow, then is the mesotherapeutic infusion of substances into the skin which have a rejuvenating and rehydrating effect.

It is a highly popular aesthetic treatment and its benefits and simple post care is given below: Benefits of meso glow – Suitable for all skin type and colour. It is painless as it works on the mesodermal layer of the skin. Suitable for anti-ageing therapy. Less time consuming. Less costly compared to other skin treatments. Post treatment instructions – Do not apply any external products post treatment, do not take hot shower for at least 5 days of treatment. Avoid cosmetic usage for some time. Do not expose the skin to sun. Use SPF. Make use of light moisturizers to hydrate the skin. Do not panic. Have patience to see the fruitful results.

If you are tired of your winter skin and wish for a quick & affordable treatment to get your youthful glow back, then look no further than Meso Glow. It is tried & trusted, and from the first treatment your skin will glow.

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