Diet Counselling : A Balanced diet doesn’t mean having chocolate in both hands.

A Balanced diet doesn’t mean having chocolate in both hands.

Jokes apart, Diet is a very essential part of you, especially if you are on a very wrong track already.  Start today with the thought that fat will surrender to you. Yes it is possible and no, it isn’t easy. But understand that if it doesn’t challenge you, it can’t change you.

Each nutrient has a role is our bodies. Water is essential to avoid dehydration. In severe cases, the body gradually shuts down and is unable to carry out chemical reactions that are necessary. Protein is another important aspect. Too little protein intake can have poor growth and development of the body. Too less stamina and energy. Optimum fibre intake helps in regular bowel movements and digestion and avoids constipation.

Too much fats, oils or lipids can cause weight gain and result in obesity. The most difficult thing to carry out later through exercise and diet control is fat loss. All vitamins in the correct amounts in our body increase our resistance and endurance to many problems. For example, little iron causes anaemia, so no oxygen transport in blood. Little calcium leads to weaker bones and teeth affecting our later years as we grow old. Less vitamin C cause wounds to not heal faster, vitamin D and B12 help in overall development.

Of course all nutrients are interdependent and Mindful eating necessary. We provide diet and fitness counselling to vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians, for obese kids to adults considering their health history of diabetes, allergies, obesity etc., building a suitable plan for each individual separately. Having the right meal plan and picking up the right foods is half the battle.

Food Matters!

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